20th Annual Topeka Duck Race

Days Until the Race!
September 12, 2015

Win this car!
  Adopt a duck. Support your community.

Mission: To provide an opportunity for non-profit groups and organizations to fundraise, so they may continue to support their objectives in our community while providing a family friendly event.

Who we help: Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Topeka, Capper Foundation, TARC, Lifehouse Advocacy Center, Children's Miracle Network, The Villages, Boys & Girls Club, Marian Clinic, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Simon Youth Foundation, Head Start, Meals on Wheels, LULAC Senior Center, East Topeka Sr. Center, Topeka Youth Project, Topeka Civic Theatre & Academy, scholarships, hearing aids to elderly, hearing loss prevention programs to elementary school children, and many more.

Who we are: Sertoma (SERvice TO MAnkind), is a 100 year old non-profit community service organization whose national sponsorship is helping people with hearing health issues. There are 3 Sertoma Clubs in Topeka who not only provide hearing health initiatives, but also determine community needs and provide help to those in need in Topeka and surrounding communities. Sertoma members enjoy giving back to the community, while developing leadership skills, business networking opportunities, and lifelong friendships. Sertoma's motto: Make Life Worthwhile through Service to Mankind. There are over 100 Sertomans in the Topeka clubs. For more information: www.topekasertomaclubs.org.

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1969 Sertoma Duck Race On-Line Adoption Instructions

How would you like to be part of a Duck Race on-line team? The teams are part of “Quacky’s Web Rally” – a fun website team competition for the 1969 Duck Race.

The Duck Race provides funding for the Sertoma Clubs to help many people in need in our community – and – by forming an on-line team, if your team adopts more ducks than any other on-line team – you will win a party for the winning team - provided by Texas Roadhouse in Topeka!! Also by adopting ducks, you are in the race for a chance to win great prizes!

Here’s the information to share via email with all your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors – whoever:

  1. Go to the website: www.topekaduckrace.org
  2. Click on “Online Duck Adoptions”, lower left of screen
  3. Scroll down – there are different groupings of duck adoptions you can choose: lone duck, family, flock or “oodle”! Click on the one you want as you have to BUY THE DUCKS FIRST!!
  4. Click on “Buy now” under whichever grouping you want. This takes you to the secured part of the site. Complete your billing and credit card info – click “Submit Order” – (green button at the bottom).
  5. THEN you have a chance to form – or join – a team. Read the instructions carefully as once you leave this screen – you cannot come back & form or join a team. The system also gives you an opportunity once a team is formed, to email other people inviting them to join your team!

You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging your order. For on-line sales, the computer assigns your adoption numbers the day of the race so there is nothing you need to remember, or worry about. You’re done!

That’s it! Good luck and have fun!